Hosting change to clear up issues

For anyone who's been looking for CFAjax or mxAjax docs (or any other post here), I apologise for the pathetic number of database errors this site has been throwing. It's not Ray's code (or mine :-), it's the HostMySite servers I've been hosted on.

After a number of one hour support chats over a few weeks, I gave up and now the site is hosted at Viviotech on a VPS.

Now that the move is all done (barring anything I missed) I can get to work on more mxAjax docs.

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todd sharp's Gravatar I've been strongly considering a viviotech vps account. What can you tell me about them? The only thing that concerns me is linux - do they offer windows hosting?
# Posted By todd sharp | 2/10/07 8:16 AM
James Holmes's Gravatar Unfortunately they only offer Linux. However the control panel is very good, so you can manage the whole thing without needing to be a Linux guru (and of course you can pay for support too).

I'm happy so far.
# Posted By James Holmes | 2/10/07 4:34 PM
Randy's Gravatar I second that. They are very helpful, the control panel is great. They also have a forum that is pretty active should you need a question answered.

# Posted By Randy | 2/21/07 5:55 PM
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