Getting BlogCFC to work on BlueDragon

If you use CAPTCHA on your BlueDragon 6.2 based install of BlogCFC, you will probably have an issue with the LylaCaptcha code. The fix is detailed here:

I modified captchaService.cfc at around line 265 to read:

<!--- Compute the next character lef tposition --->
<cfset aCharacter = CreateObject("Java","java.lang.Character")>
<cfset left = left + ((RandRange(150, 200) / 100) * graphics.getFontMetrics().charWidth(JavaCast("int",aCharacter.getNumericValue(char)))) />

CF7 seems to handle the different methods for getFontMetrics().charWidth() but BlueDragon 6.2 can't without some help.

UPDATE: added BD version info; this bug should be fixed in BD 7.0.

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vinceb's Gravatar That was a bug in BD 6.2 that's fixed BD 7.0.
# Posted By vinceb | 4/7/07 7:52 AM
James Holmes's Gravatar Noted - I'll modify the post accordingly. Thanks.
# Posted By James Holmes | 4/7/07 8:00 AM
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