Fix for Flex Builder 3 crash

I came across an issue with Flex builder 3 today - the JVM (and therefore the whole builder app) crashed when switching to design view. It's a known bug from back in the Beta, but it was "non-reproducible" (damn I hate hearing that).

A helpful soul on the Flex list at House of Fusion suggested some JVM tuning and it seems to be the ticket.

With FB3 closed (i.e. not running), edit

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flex Builder 3\FlexBuilder.ini

and make the following changes:


Try higher settings of you still have grief. If you never had these problems, great; remember this in case they pop up.

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jon's Gravatar What do you mean higher setting? Do i need to add these settings or remove them?
# Posted By jon | 10/1/09 8:43 AM
James Holmes's Gravatar These should already be in the ini file, but if they aren't, add them. If you still get a crash, use higher numbers.

I also had a separate crash (on a different machine) with an ATI video card until I updated the ATI drivers and control panel software. There's a good reason I use nVidia in my own machines :-)
# Posted By James Holmes | 10/1/09 9:07 AM
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