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Mr GnomeMaker Says:

If you see a Garden Gnome,
pick it up and take it home.
Make sure it is really dead;
stick something sharp into its head.

See you next time, kiddies.

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Welcome to "Die screaming with sharp things in your head", our collection of impaled garden gnomes. We are always taking suggestions for new gnomes and invite anyone to submit an idea. If you want your name will be attributed to the gnome we make. Email gnomes@bifrost.com.au to tell us your idea. Gnomes will be added to this page as they are made. To be notified when a new gnome is added, enter an email address and click the button. A real life person will reply (no autoresponders here folks, just dead gnomes). Or just email us yourself and ask to be put on the list. We absolutely guarantee that we don't sell, distribute or otherwise abuse the email address you give us - we just notify you of additions. Please note that the IP NUMBER of the person adding the address is logged so please don't add others without their permission.

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Running With Scissors

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Where's the Cheese?

Here's Johnny

My head hurts

Is there something in my eye?

Screw George Lucas

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